Core Values

Quaker Oaks Farm is a non-religious educational nonprofit corporation.  Quaker Oaks Farm was founded by Quakers and we share a strong commitment to Quaker ideals of peace, equality, integrity, community and sustainability.


Based upon love and concern for the wellbeing of all, we work for reconciliation and active nonviolent resolutions of conflict.  Recognizing that violence and war typically arise from unjust circumstances, we hope to address the causes of conflict by working to correct social injustices and by strengthening communities, institutions and processes to provide nonviolent alternatives to conflict resolution.


We see value in everyone, including adversaries and people from widely different stations, life experiences and religious persuasions. All must be treated with integrity and respect.   Quaker Oaks Farm will not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, class, sexual orientation, and other divisions of people.


Integrity requires that we be fully responsible for our actions. It calls for a single standard of truth in all our interactions and transparency in our policies and accounting.


Quaker Oaks Farm seeks to bring people together to learn from one another and the land we share in a vibrant community that enriches all who participate.


Quaker Oaks Farm and our partners’ agricultural practices will use organic principals to enrich and maintain the natural resources of the land both in areas cultivated for food production and in areas re-establishing native plants.    We are committed to sustainability in our organizational practices using financial, material and human resources to enrich the vitality of the physical environment and social communities we share.