Meet the Board

20130706_113240 12Founding Member

William (Bill) Lovett is a lifelong Quaker who has lived his life consistently with the Quaker testimonies of Peace, Equality, Simplicity, Community, Integrity, and environmental sustainability.

A war resister in his youth, he has served peace and justice in many ways over his long life. He worked with Self Help Enterprises – helping low income families build their own homes for 18 years.

Bill designed the building on the property and built the Lovett home primarily from recycled resources. His vision of creating  “A place where good things happen” lead to the founding of Quaker Oaks Farm.

Founding Member

Elizabeth (Beth) Lovett is a founder of QOF. She is a retired teacher, organic farmer, small business owner-operator and Master Gardener. Beth has a gift for making everyone feel loved and accepted for just who they are. Her life is a testimony to the simple acts of love, kindness and beauty that makes the world a better place.


Melissa Lovett-Adair is the current Executive Director of the Quaker Oaks Farm board. She joined the board in 2012 to help bring her parent’s vision to reality.  Melissa lives with her husband in San Luis Obispo where she works as a Public Health Nurse in the San Luis Obispo County Maternal Child Health Program.


David Dudley, a native of Tennessee, came to Visalia in 1967. From 1958 he was a floor covering installer and from 1970 to 1995 owned and managed a cleaning and restoration business. In semi-retirement, from 1995 to 2014, David, a licensed California Contractor and Certified Flooring Inspector, worked as an independent consultant for the flooring industry and manufacturers. He has attended Visalia Friends Meeting for 18 years and has served as their treasurer since 2008. David enjoys the out of doors and traveling with his wife. He is a member of the Sierra Club.

 Farm Manager

Steven Lee is currently the Farm Manager of the Quaker Oaks Farm and the Chair of the Farm Management Committee. Steven received his Ph.D. in Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology from Penn State University and has worked in organic agriculture, local food production and environmental conservation for over twenty years.


Earl Cruser is retired and worked as an Executive Director of a non-profit social services agency in the San Francisco area from 1967-1982. He has devoted his whole life to help others, and is pleased to continue this passion through Quaker Oaks.

 Community Member

Darlene Franco is the current Tribal Chairwoman of the Wukchumni Tribe. She is a Native Cultural Consultant for the tribe and has been a QOF board member since 2011.

 Community Member

Graciela Martinez retired as a Program Coordinator with the American Friends Service Committee, is a current board member of Self-Help Enterprises. In addition to her involvement with QOF and Self Help Enterprises, Graciela has also worked with Proyecto Campesino and Advocacy Coalition of Tulare Co. for Women and Girls.  

Community Member

Joanne Dudley has attended Visalia Friends Meeting for 18 years. She enjoyed teaching students in elementary school for 30 years. Joanne has always had an interest in learning to live sustainably. She has been involved in environmental preservation through her work with the Sierra Club since 1975 and has spent many years hiking with her husband and friends in our beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Community Member

Mary Montgomery Lee is a visual artist with a Master’s degree in the Art of Teaching. She has an interest in sustainable agriculture and has been gardening organically for 18 years. She enjoys creating programs for youth that educate them about environmental conservation.

Community Member

Yaynicut Franco is Inyana Yokutch and a member of the Wukchumni Tribe of Visalia, CA. She is a traditional dance leader and Youth Council advisor for the Wukchumni Tribe. Yaynicut is dedicated to preserving Inyana Yokutch traditions, language, and tribal history for future generations. She hopes to incorporate her knowledge and passion for sustainable living, green building, and environmental stewardship to QOF.